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Naruto Couplings Discussion

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Hello! This community is basically about Naruto Couplings. You can rant, discuss, debate, put fanart, fanfics, etc. on any Naruto coupling. Het, yaoi, yuri, yada. However there are some rules you MUST abide by...

1. You MUST respect other people's opinions. Don't start fights. If you disagree then firmly state that you disagree but don't go overboard and start cussing and stuff. Just be respectful as you want others to repsect your opinions.

2. EDIT: Okay, I've changed a bit. I am allowing Sakura relating couplings. After these past months, I've learned to be somewhat tolerant to the couplings. You may post fanart, rants, debates, or fanfics involving the plus side of Sakura. I'll permit that.

3. EDIT: I am now allowing you to post fanarts and fanfics. How there are a few rules to posting them. You must label with the following components: Coupling and rating and title and summary (for fanfics). ALL FANWORK MUST BE BEHIND AN LJ CUT.

4. You are allowed to post up doujinshis. Scanned, translated, raw anything.

5. Don't be afraid to post, just type in how you truly feel about one topic or another. We are friendly people and maybe we can get on a nice debate going. :D

6. JOIN! ^o^